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Installation and Logistics
Temporary Access Roads

                                                                                                                               Temporary access mats are utilized in various industries, but our main focus has been in the powerline construction industry. These mats provide necessary access through difficult terrain so that the large trucks and heavy equipment that are required to construct and/or repair powerlines can get to their work areas. The installation process can be difficult through these various terrains, which is why we employee some of the best matting crews in the business. Our matting crews can install and remove all types of access matting, which include timber matting, composite matting, crane matting, EMTEK matting, and many others. Kinbro will work with you to prepare an access matting plan that fits your needs. There is no terrain too difficult and no job too small or large for Kinbro to provide your access needs.


Matting Sales and Rentals

                                                                                                                                      Maybe you have a small job or the personnel capable of doing the job yourself, but you need the construction access mats to perform it. Or maybe it is just more cost effective to lay the mats yourself. Kinbro, has you covered there too. We have the ability to sell or rent virtually any type of construction access mat you need for your job.


Site Clearing


Often times, our customers will first need their worksites cleared in order to allow them to access it in the safest manner. This makes sure there are no surprises when work commences that could delay their already tight work schedules. Kinbro can handle that too. We have the ability and necessary equipment to get the job done, on your timeline, which includes removing brush and debris, cutting down trees, and hauling away anything else that may be blocking your way. We know time is money and we are here to make sure you stay on track and keep working as efficiently as possible.

Power line Access Roads
Matting Sales. Power line site clearing
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