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Safe on Purpose Mission Statement

Safety being the number one concern for Aztec Powerline Service, Inc. is of utmost importance, especially in the field of powerline construction and maintenance, which involves high-voltage electrical systems and potentially hazardous work environments. Prioritizing safety demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of employees, customers, and the public. Here are some key aspects of how safety can be emphasized in the operations of the company: 

Our Safe on Purpose Mission Statement.

          S - Safety Training: Ensure that all employees receive comprehensive safety training and are aware of the

                    potential risks associated with their tasks. This should include regular updates and refresher courses.

          A - Accountability: Hold individuals and teams accountable for following safety protocols and taking

                    responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others.

          F - Frequent Safety Meetings: Conduct daily safety meetings to keep employees informed about safety concerns,

                   updates, and best practices. Encourage open communication about safety issues.

          E - Ensure Compliance with Regulations: Ensure full compliance with local, state, and federal safety regulations

                   and standards related to powerline construction and maintenance.


          P - Planned Emergency Response: Have well-defined emergency response plans in place for situations like

                  electrical accidents, fires, or medical emergencies.  Employees should be trained on these plans and know

                   how to respond appropriately.

         U - Unparallel Focus on Safety: Our unparallel focuses on safety on our day-to-day operation to exceed our

                   customers expectation and ensure our teams members have everything they need both the latest training and

                   PPE equipment to keep them safe.

           R - Risk Assessment: Continuously assess and identify potential safety risks on job sites. Implement measures to

                   mitigate these risks and conduct regular safety audits to ensure compliance.

         P - Protocols on Safety: Develop and enforce strict safety protocols and procedures for every aspect of the work,

                      from construction and maintenance to emergency response. Employees should follow these protocols


         O - Obligations to Continuous Improvement: Continuously seek ways to improve safety measures and practices.

                     Encourage feedback from employees and learn from past incidents or near misses.

         S - Safety Equipment: Provide and require the use of appropriate safety gear and equipment for all employees. This

                 includes items such as helmets, gloves, safety glasses, and high-visibility clothing.

         E - Ensure a Safety Culture: Foster a safety-first culture within the company where every employee understands

                  the importance of safety and feels empowered to report safety concerns or incidents.

By making safety the top priority and integrating it into every aspect of the company's operations, Aztec Powerline Service, Inc. can help prevent accidents, protect its workforce, and maintain a strong reputation for safety within the industry.

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