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Kinbro Spotlight

Kinbro Spotlight is an innovative platform designed to celebrate and highlight achievements and professional success within the workplace. It serves as a beacon, illuminating the dedication, talent, and hard work of individuals across various departments and levels within an organization.  Kinbro Spotlight casts a deserving light on those who go above and beyond in their roles. By showcasing these accomplishments, the platform not only recognizes individual efforts but also fosters a culture of appreciation and motivation within the workforce. 

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Quarter1 - 2024

 Good Catch/Near Miss Recipient
Jorge Marroquin has been recognized as the recipient of the Good Catch/Near Miss award for the first quarter of 2024. His keen eye spotted a defective sling in the field intended for lifting a section of a lattice tower. This sling, upon inspection, revealed serious damage that could have led to a major incident if utilized. Through his attentiveness to rigging safety and thorough review of his work, Jorge averted a potential rigging failure incident. Kudos to Jorge for his exemplary diligence and commitment to safety. Great job!

Safety Award

During the Mosaic's Contractors Recognition Luncheon 2023, Kinbro was honored with a prestigious safety award. This remarkable achievement was attributed to the exemplary leadership of Mike Thompson, who steered the company towards maintaining an impeccable safety record with no accidents or injuries for over 4 years. Thompson's dedication to safety and meticulous management undoubtedly contributed to Kinbro's recognition and commendation within the industry.

Grand Prize for 2023

Good Catch/Near Miss Recipient

All employees that entered a Good Catch/Near Miss ticket throughout the year were entered into the Grand Prize Drawing.

The Grand Prize Winner for 2023 Good Catch/Near Miss is Diego Chazares.  

Quarter 4 - 2023

Good Catch/Near Miss Recipient

Dariell Walker. By doing a thorough pre-task hazard inspection, he was able to spot a potentially serious situation that could have put lives in danger when he found that he pole adjacent to the one being worked on had serious structural damage. The work that was being performed could have broken adjacent pole and resulted catastrophic consequences for not only our APS crew, but also to the grid being worked on. 


Quarter 3 -2023

Good Catch/Near Miss Recipient

 Sam Snell. Sam had good situations awareness and was watching out for his fellow workers when he stopped an equipment operator from coming into contact with an energized Powerline that he was unaware of. 

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